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CometTV Prize

Awesome prize we won thanks to CometTv and HorrorAddicts. Godzilla. Thanks so much


COTC – Guest – Darkness Visible

For those that missed it, here is the recent tv appearance of Darkness Visible on Creatives on the Couch.

As a present, here is the Darkness Visible tv appearance where we are promoting Breaking Point.


Axle Gunn on The Pulse 94.7

Tune into Pulse Radio 94.7 at 2.30PM.

Axle Gunn will be chatting about his movie career and the new section devoted to him on!.

If you missed the show, there will be a link to it soon.


Monash One Act Play Festival

ASJ Publishing is a supporter of the Monash One Act Play Festival this year. This year, ASJ Publishing is awarding the second prize

Photos coming soon


Book Signing ~ Dino Hunt

Max Davine book signing today @ Dymocks Watergardens. We even had a visit by a friendly croc 🙂


Book Launch ~ The Intergalactic custody battle


Last Sunday (June 19th), Lee J. Mavin launched his book, The Intergalactic Custody Battle at Glee Books, Sydney.

What a turn-out! The book launch was a fantastic success! Thanks everyone for coming

Stay Tuned for more events



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Post Event – Port Arthur Book Signing

What an awesome weekend!

Danielle’s book signing at Dymocks Watergardens was a success. Check out the photos below!

So many thanks to the owner and staff at Dymocks for all their help.

More photos can be found here.


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