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Disaster Dates – Post Production


Disaster Dates

Plot: Mike and Susie decide to explore the world of online dating. However, they find out that dating has changed quite a lot, and everything that can go wrong, does go wrong as they have one disasterous date after another.

Created By Chris Jackson

Directed by Chris Jackson




The Cast

Keziah Lockwood

Keziah Lockwood … Katherine Holmes – The Host

Albia Begum … Susie

Neil Procter … Mike

Bo Lai Ng … Brian

Borbala Korda … Assistant To The Host

Emmanuel Ale … Reece The Bad Boy Biker

Helen Hardie … Katrina This Girl Could Be The One

Mike Keenan … Big Jim The Comedian

Toby Armour … Mark The Mall Cop

Joe Henry … Peter The Boaster

Simon J Walmsley … Ted The Yuppie Real Estate Developer

Josie Harrison … Carol The Stalker

Lana Butterworth … Jeannie The Psycho

Margaret Glickman … Rita The Wannabe Spokesperson

Becky Kershaw … Shazza The Dole Girl

Michaela Ross … Sambucca Daughter Of Shazza


Adie Savage … Malcolm The Mr Perfect Or Is He

Bethany Murray … Religious Mary

Sean Moss … Marys Father the Angry Vicar

David Addison … Dazza The Aussie Bogan

Jane Seymour Kenny … Karen The Cling-On

James Ward … Garry The Yeller

Maija Ozolina … Gabriella The Not A ONS But Is

Rosemarie Blackburn … Waitress

Chris Jackson … Waiter

Elizabeth Johnstone … Waitress

Produced by
Rosemarie Blackburn … producer
Chris Jackson … producer
Elizabeth Johnstone … producer


Cinematography by
Lloyd Gordon … (cinematography)

Film Editing by
Lloyd Gordon … (edited by)

Casting By
Rosemarie Blackburn … (casting)
Chris Jackson … (casting)
Elizabeth Johnstone … (casting)

Makeup Department
Rosemarie Blackburn … hair stylist
Borbala Korda … makeup artist

Assistant Director
Bo Lai Ng … first assistant director

Sound Department
Zeke Gordon … boom operator

Camera Department

David Jackson … clapper
Michaela Ross … clapper

Location Management
Chris Jackson … location scout
Elizabeth Johnstone … location scout

Additional Crew
Sylvia Strange … caterer

Farnworth Cricket Club



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To get away from her late husband’s questionable deeds, Ella Winslow takes her three children and heads west to the unsettled Washington Territory to claim land she believes she’s inherited from her father.

Tucker McAlister was fired from his position as deputy marshal for arresting the mayor’s brother-in-law for spousal abuse. His mentor has found him another job, first escorting the wagon train going west, and then as the new marshal in the growing town of Tacoma, Washington Territory.

The trail is long and hard, yet Ella is more than up to the task. Still, Tuck feels the need to watch over her and her children, whether she wants him to or not. It isn’t until they arrive in Washington that he realizes his protection will now need to extend even further than the wagon train itself.

Will Ella’s faith allow her to trust again and make a safe home for her family, while welcoming Tuck into her heart?

Read an Excerpt

U.S. Marshal’s Office
St. Joseph, Missouri
April 20, 1870

Tucker McAlister settled against the wooden railing opposite Willard Davis’ desk. The older man leaned back in his chair and raised his head. His faded brown gaze, gray hair shot through with strands of white, and grizzled beard easily gave away his age. Not to mention the wear and tear thirty-odd years of being a lawman had put on his body.

Tuck held his breath. This was it. Davis was about to announce his retirement, leaving the job of marshal open for the taking. Given Tuck was the deputy with the most experience, he figured he was a shoe-in for the job.

Unfortunately, he’d figured wrong.

“The mayor wasn’t pleased with you arresting his brother-in-law,” Davis said, his narrowed stare aimed in Tuck’s direction. “No doubt with all the high-priced solicitors making their way into town, the whole fiasco is going to be thrown out of court like so much dirty bathwater.”

“He’s guilty as sin, and you know it.”

“I know it, you know it, and—no doubt—the mayor knows it. This isn’t the brother-in-law’s first brush with the law. However, the reprobate claims his wife provoked him.”

“There’s no cause for a man to strike a woman, especially one with child. It’s assault.”

“She’s his wife,” Davis pointed out.

Tuck could feel the flush of anger staining his throat, his face. “That still doesn’t give him the right.”

“And the man’s lawyers are claiming you didn’t have the right to give him a black eye and broken wrist.”

“He charged at me when I put myself between him and his missus. I was defending myself when I punched him in the eye. As for his wrist, he did that himself when he swung and missed. I can’t help it if I was standing in front of a brick wall when I ducked.”

Davis snorted a laugh before continuing. “I agree with everything you’ve said, Tuck. You’re my best deputy—the one man I’d trust to take over for me when I retire—and I know you were only protecting the woman.” Heaving a sigh, he added, “However, the mayor’s demanding I fire you. Right here. Right now.”

“No, you can’t do that,” Tuck argued. “I’ll appeal to the state marshal’s office. Surely, they’ll have my back.”

“Their hands are tied. The governor supports the mayor’s request.”

“I was only doing my job, boss.”

“I know, and it’s not fair. I told ‘em so, too.”

“What am I supposed to do? Keeping the law is all I’ve known since I came here eight years ago.”

“You should’ve already been promoted and posted somewhere within the state, Tuck. Hanging around here out of loyalty to an old coot like me hasn’t done you any good.”

“It wasn’t as much loyalty as it was gratitude. You gave an inexperienced, bitter young man a job, a purpose. I owe you everything.”

“What you owe me is to accept the favor I’ve called in from an old friend.”

“A favor? What kind of favor?”

“I got you a job escorting a wagon train headed to Oregon and then on to the Washington Territory. You leave in two-day’s time. Once you get to Yakima, you’ll need to send a telegram to Marshal Burt Macklin in Olympia.”

“They’ve got a job for me in Olympia?”

“Not there, but the territory’s expanding rapidly. They need a marshal in Tacoma who can cover the town, and the surrounding county. Macklin will meet you in Tacoma to swear you in. Then, as soon as you’re settled, you’ll be able to hire yourself a deputy or two.”

“You told them about me?” Tuck asked.

“I told Burt you were the best deputy I’ve ever trained, and darned near the best shot I ever saw. That was all he needed to hear.”

“Does he know I’ve been fired?”

Willard Davis shrugged. “Probably not. I didn’t see any reason to bring it up.”

About the Author:

Nancy Fraser is a best-selling and award-winning author who happily jumps across multiple romance genres with gleeful abandon.

She’s also the granddaughter of a Methodist minister known for his fire-and-brimstone approach to his faith. Nancy has brought some of his spirit into her Christian romances. And, her own off-beat sense of humor to her clean & wholesome books.

When not writing (which is almost never), Nancy dotes on her five wonderful grandchildren and looks forward to traveling and reading when time permits. Nancy lives in Atlantic Canada where she enjoys the relaxed pace and colorful people.

Amazon Author Page

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Marines Don’t Cry

TourBanner_Marines Don't Cry

Marines Don’t Cry
by Daniel Garcia and Jacqueline C. Garcia


GENRE: Memoir, Non-fiction



Have you ever been lost — really lost?

Danny and Jackie answer this question in Marines Don’t Cry with stories of death to life, deep sorrow to joy, darkness to light, and freedom in Christ.

Danny recounts his early life in Spanish Harlem and describes conversion from a life of drugs and “the fast lane” to one consumed with knowing and serving God. This makes his journey of walking more than 52 million steps on six continents for children and world peace such an incredible story.

Marines Don’t Cry is about the transformational power of God’s love: how Danny found his calling and is delivering the message of Christ at all costs.


BookCover_Marines Don't Cry


Chapter 7: “You Must Choose Now”

One night in my living room, under the influence of several drugs and alcohol, I experienced something bizarre and frightening. Something happened to me, and I knew that something was terribly wrong. In a moment, I felt my spirit leaving my body; a wrenching separation and tearing from deep within. Life literally came out of my body. My feet lifted from the floor. I levitated upwards and felt myself being pulled out of this world. It was an out-of-body experience. I did not feel physical pain, but I knew I was dying. All my life, I had been in control and never let fear consume me. Now, I was terrified.

I panicked.

My thoughts raced. I knew that if I died, I would go to hell because of all the bad things I had done in my life. I learned in Catholic school that if I died in the state of mortal sin, I was destined for hell, a place of eternal fire and torment. Eternity flashed before me, and I heard an audible voice through time, space, and spirit say:

“Which way do you choose? Life or death? You must choose now.”

The voice enveloped my thoughts. In a flash, the Lord gave me a choice of life or death, and it was a choice of both physical and spiritual proportions. Although I had not been in church for over twenty-five years, I knew I was lost, had no hope, and was going to hell. I was completely petrified, and for the first time in my entire life, I was truly afraid and frightened beyond my understanding.

With a desperate cry, I screamed, “Jesus, save me!”

As soon as I said the name “Jesus,” my spirit immediately jumped back into my body. I experienced the terrible fear of God. To this point in my life, I paid no attention to the teachings that the Catholic church instilled in me. I had turned away from Him and disobeyed His laws.

By calling on the name of Jesus Christ, I chose life. I was saved spiritually; the moment of my salvation from death and beginning the transformation to a new life. This was a miracle. I was thirty-three years old—the same age as Jesus when he started his public ministry.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

About the authors of Marines Don’t Cry

Daniel Garcia

Author Image

Danny Garcia, The Walking Man, was born and raised in New York’s Spanish Harlem. He served as a United States Marine, law enforcement officer, and ordained minister. Since 1996, he has prayed and walked over 52,000, 000 steps on six continents for children and world peace. During his journeys, Garcia met with dignitaries all over the world, ministering to the famous and to the poorest of the poor. Danny made presentations to Kings/royals, Presidents, and other world leaders, to include four Presidents of the USA, several Prime Ministers of other countries, the Pope, Mother Teresa, Ambassadors and various eminent personalities and multilateral organizations. Garcia began his journey as a personal commitment to peace and children and continued walking and raising funds for multiple charitable organizations.

Danny is married to the former Jacqueline Charsagua of El Paso, TX, and they work side by side to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. For more information, visit Danny’s website,

Jackie Charsagua Garcia

Author Image 2

Jackie Charsagua Garcia is married to Daniel Garcia. She graduated from the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO, in 1985 and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Air Force. Jackie holds a Bachelor of Science in Management and a Master of Science in Human Resources Management. While in the US Air Force, Jackie specialized in communications, acquisition, systems engineering, and information technology.

After a rewarding and fulfilling Air Force career, she retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in the summer of 2006, having spent more than 21 years on active duty. Since 2006, she has supported and advised on all aspects of her husband’s walks and charitable initiatives within the United States and abroad. She joined Danny during his Africa Walk in 2007 and ministered in South Africa, Uganda, Ethiopia, and Southern Sudan. During this time, her faith and reliance on God grew tremendously under the mentorship of Danny Garcia. The Global Walk experience gave Jackie an opportunity to serve God abroad, and her vision is to spread the hope, love, and the grace of Jesus Christ through her writing. She is a native of El Paso, TX, mother of one amazing daughter, and a breast cancer survivor.



Instagram: man/


YouTube link of an interview with Danny and Jackie for the Veterans History Project:

Linked In:

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TourBanner_Blight of Denominationalism

Blight of Denominationalism
by John J. Wipf


GENRE: Religion Non-fiction



What purpose do all religions serve?

There are only two destinies after we die.

Do you feel like there is something missing in life?

Is Jesus Christ more than what is portrayed by status quo Christianity?


Cover_Blight of Denominationalism


I grew up on a Hutterite colony in Manitoba, Canada. On the secular side of things, the way of life there was very beneficial to the growth of industry and protection from the outside world. I don’t think the protection from the outside world is there so much anymore, for there is Internet in most houses now.

Everyone has their assigned workload, and the income goes through one account that is run by one or two leaders. The secular element and the spiritual element are run similarly.

Each colony has one or two preachers; the older preacher would run any kind of spiritual activity. There is not much freedom to pursue a vibrant relationship with Jesus outside of traditions. It seems that as long as you abide by the traditions of the system that was put in place more than four hundred years ago, you have a chance to go to Heaven when you die. That is a far cry from the freedom the first-century Church had.

  • Galatians 2:4 And that because of false
    brethren unawares brought in, who came
    in privily to spy out our liberty which we
    have in Christ Jesus, that they might bring
    us into bondage:

If you have lived or are living in the Hutterite system, what freedom in Christ have you experienced? In the system, there is never a sure yes or no about whether you will go to Heaven when you die. That unsureness is contrary to the Word of God, which says:

  • 2Co 6:1–2 We then, as workers together
    with him, beseech you also that ye receive
    not the grace of God in vain. (For he saith,
    I have heard thee in a time accepted, and in
    the day of salvation have I succoured thee:
    behold, now is the accepted time; behold,
    now is the day of salvation.)
  • Ro 10:8–12 But what saith it? The word
    is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy
    heart: that is, the word of faith, which we
    preach; that if thou shalt confess with thy
    mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in
    thine heart that God hath raised him from the
    dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart
    man believeth unto righteousness; and with
    the mouth confession is made unto salvation.
    For the scripture saith, Whosoever
    believeth on him shall not be ashamed. For
    there is no difference between the Jew and
    the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich
    unto all that call upon him. For whosoever
    shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be
    saved [emphasis mine].


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

John Wipf was part of the Hutterite religion for 18 years and was a member, college student, and a part time missionary in the Baptist denomination for 10 years. Other points of interest include:

● Five years of theological studies (Baptist)
● Mission work in Canada, Costa Rica, Panama, and Sri Lanka (Baptist)
● Independent mission work in west central Manitoba, Canada (present)
● Founder/CEO of a company that installs fertilizer and grain handling equipment in the prairies of Canada (present)
● Husband and father of 2 boys and 2 girls, and 1 taken to heaven before birth, and 1 on the way.

John Wipf married Faith in June 2013. Our goal is to start a cattle ranch (as a retreat) to help people with their relationship with Jesus Christ and to tell people about the gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Faith Wipf was born and bred a Baptist for 32 years. She then left with her “Honey Bear” John to begin their independent ministry. She is currently very busy raising four crazy, wonderful children and looking forward to waddling during the next few months. Homeschooling and the “dreaded” housework fill her days.

In the Blight of Denominationalism we cover part of our journey from religious bondage to true and free freedom in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Also covered in this book there are summaries of my study on some of the world’s renowned religions.


WEBSITE – John Wipf – Author (

FACEBOOK – Author John J. Wipf | Facebook

GOODREADS – John J. Wipf (Author of Blight of Denominationalism) | Goodreads





INDIGO CHAPTERS – denominationalism/9780228838739-item.html

BARNES & NOBLE – wipf/1140035467

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Xavier Campbell needs a miracle. If he doesn’t want to lose the life he’s worked so hard to build, he must get married, and quickly. Trouble is, there is no woman in his life. Not even a friend with benefits. As a regular Dom at Eternal Eros, he gets what he needs and goes home. And a wife? Hell, no. This Highlander is single for a reason. So when his entire existence threatens to come crashing down, he realizes he might have to make some adjustments…or a bargain with the she-devil who beguiles him, body and mind, from the first moment he touches her.

Emma Morton wants a man. To play with. Watch television with. Cuddle with. And yes, God help her, she wants him hard, naked, and in her bed. More than once. What she doesn’t want is complications. Expectations. She is dedicated to her work, to building her business. She’s worked too long and too hard to change her plans for something as fleeting as love. No matter how much she wishes otherwise, life has repeatedly proven that romance is a myth. Pure fairytale.

But passion? Yes. She could definitely go for a ‘Single’s Night’ of play—and release—at the infamous Eternal Eros.

After one scorching night of pleasure, a reckless bargain is made. Marriage with an expiration date. A business arrangement. Nothing more.

But what starts as a farce becomes a bit too real and Xavier realizes this is no game. Telling Emma the truth would be dangerous…especially when he realizes he is playing for keeps.

Read an Excerpt

The announcement sounded over the loudspeaker that it was time for the submissives to assemble in the Pit to begin the selection process. Emma hoisted her glass. With her gaze unwaveringly trained on Xavier, she drained it, setting the empty tumbler back on the bar.

She tore her gaze away from Xavier and focused on his brother, casting a flirty smile in his direction. “Well, maybe I will see you in a bit.”

“If not tonight, lass, another night. Any woman who can drink good Scots whiskey like that, I want to get to know better.”

“Careful, or you’re going to fall in love with me.” She winked as she stood up.

Jasper pressed a large palm over his bare chest. “Lass, I’m already halfway there.”

With a throaty laugh, Emma swaggered away from the bar, putting a little extra sway in her hips for good measure. She would enjoy a night with Jasper. But it wasn’t his gaze on her back she felt with every step.

She tossed a glance over her shoulder, just to check.

No, Jasper was too gregarious, and was deep in conversation with another Dom at the bar already. It was his beast of a brother, with brawny muscles upon muscles and impossibly wide shoulders, whose gaze bored holes in her back. At least he wasn’t a participant in the event tonight. He never took part, for which she was extremely thankful.

Could you imagine doing a scene with that one? She shivered at the thought.

Emma would select literally any other Dom in the club to play with over him.

She got into line behind Nora and Tessa, who were each dressed up as pagan maids—the naughty version with skirts that ended mid-thigh, displaying a hint of the garter belts beneath. Behind her were Daisy, and Sage, and a few others.

The point of the selection process was to introduce a submissive to a Dominant they might not have tried playing with, and vice versa. It was always a bit of a head trip, the wondering, and waiting to see who they would spend the night with. Sex wasn’t always a given, either. That was something the Dom and sub discussed before engaging in their scene.

When it was Emma’s turn to pick, she fished around in the bucket and closed her hand around a marker. She withdrew it to the delight of the crowd assembled around the Pit.

She opened her closed fist. Stared dumbfounded at the marker in her hand and the man it represented.

“No.” Her gut clenched in fear. It couldn’t be. Not him. He never participated. After the tongue lashing she had given him at the bar, he would spend the time punishing her.

“Is this right?” She couldn’t stop the question as she stared at Sophia Ryan, doing her damndest not to recoil in horror before all the onlookers.

Sophia’s kind smile nearly undid her. “Yep. That’s Xavier Campbell’s marker. You’ll be down in private room six.”

Internal warning bells sounded that screamed: Danger imminent. Red alert. Engage offensive maneuvers.

Emma pasted a smile on her face as she exited the Pit. Her legs trembled on her walk toward the elevator. Fear coiled in her belly. Her hands shook as she reached for the elevator call button.

She could go home. Right now. Abandon ship, and take whatever consequences there might be.

She couldn’t do a scene with Xavier. She didn’t even like him. And the feeling was mutual.

About the Author:

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Anya grew up listening to Cardinals baseball and reading anything she could get her hands on. She remembers her mother saying if only she would read the right type of books instead binging her way through the romance aisles at the bookstore, she’d have been a doctor. While Anya never did get that doctorate, she graduated cum laude from the University of Missouri-St. Louis with an M.A. in History.

Anya is a bestselling and award-winning author published in multiple fiction genres. She also writes urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and contemporary romance under the name Maggie Mae Gallagher. A total geek at her core, when she is not writing, she adores attending the latest comic con or spending time with her family. She currently lives in the Midwest with her two furry felines.

Amazon Author Page

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Creatives On The Couch – Season 3 Announced


Creatives On The Couch – Season 3 Team


Margaret Glickman – MUA

275828511_245832171036821_8807229725367870485_nDavid Addison – Host

Russell (Rusty ) – DOP

Elizabeth Johnstone – Production

David Jackson – Clapper

Michaela Ross – Clapper

Bo Lai Ng – BTS

Chris Jackson – Creator/Director

Sylvia – Caterer

Creatives On The Couch is a 30 minute talk show, where each episode we chat with Creative Artists such as Actors, Filmmakers, Musicians, Writers.

New season is being filmed June 12 and June 26 with a line up of amazing guests from all over the UK.

Giving The Body

For Bernard Donaldson, the Breaker of Men, anything is possible in wrestling. Long time friends can suddenly turn heel, and even pariahs can make triumphant comebacks. But when Luke Jackson, ex-friend and lover, makes his return, Breaker knows something is wrong. Stronger, faster and better than he has any right to be, Luke is everything the aging Breaker wishes he could be. But the closer he gets to Luke’s secrets, the more he can feel something malevolent closing in. Because when it comes to dreams and desires, nothing is more hellish than the human heart.

About the Author

Henry Corrigan is a bisexual author, poet and playwright who wants to write every kind of story. He knows this sounds pretentious but screw it, he’s going for it. Always an avid reader, Henry started writing poetry in middle school but it wasn’t until he started writing erotica in high school that he really learned the mechanics of writing. What started out as private stories and love letters, soon became publications in anthologies.

To date, he has self-published a novella, Carnal Theory, and written one full length dark fiction novel that he is currently shopping around. He also has the rough drafts of two science fiction books, one horror novella, one play, four children’s books, numerous poems and several song lyrics. Above all, he wants to be known for not staying where he’s been put. To always surprise people, especially himself. Because that’s what makes it fun. The feeling that even he doesn’t know what he’s going to do next.

Connect with the Author online:

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Giving The Body


We start every night with fireworks. Even through the heavy curtain I can smell it, the industrially acrid scent mixing with the salty hops of beer and fried foods. My stomach rumbles and Scottie nudges me gently.

“I’ll buy you a hotdog after this is over,” he says, which makes me smile.

“Just don’t let Marlina put any hot peppers on it this time.”

Marlina, Scottie’s valet, slaps my shoulder. “Wimp,” she says, leaning against me like I’m a tree, which for someone like Marlina who’s five-foot-four, I might as well be.

Out in the arena the fireworks die down but not the roar of the crowd. Twenty thousand people stand ready as Scottie’s music hits.

“Ladies and gentlemen!” peals the announcer. “Please welcome the XZW General Manager…Scottiiiiieeeeeee Class!”

Scottie’s music is a chorus of regal horns, like the king descending from on high. I kiss him as he steps through the curtain, Marlina at his side.

They hit the ramp with their noses in the air like they’re snorting cocaine straight outta the clouds. I smile as Scottie twirls his cane with each strut.

By the time they reach the ring, I’ve got my game face on. My sneer stretching ’til it could whip the skin off somebody else’s face. I glance behind me at the crew guys running back and forth and the script helpers making final tweaks, but it’s what I don’t see that worries me.

Luke should be here, and my gut can’t help but worry. If he’s drunk it’ll screw up more than our angle, but before I can think about it too much, my music hits, all shrieking guitars and pounding drums.

Time to be the Breaker of Men.

I walk out to a sea of boos and hisses, which I swallow down like candy. I make a point of snapping at those who reach out for a high-five.

Down in the ring, Marlina puts a hand on Scottie’s shoulder and starts looking for an exit. But Scottie doesn’t run. That’s not who he is and more importantly, that’s not who he plays.

He waits until I’m through the ropes before he steps to me.

“What the hell do you want, Breaker?” he shouts and I have to fight not to smile. Nobody else can put a quaver in their voice and make it crack on the mic.

I hit everybody with my best growl. “Sorry to interrupt the grandstanding of a crippled old man…”

The boos double up now Scottie’s beloved and everybody loves to hate me. Never mind the fact that I’m actually six months older than Scottie. The feeling in the arena is like static sparking between my fingers.

“But I’d like to talk about a sniveling, ungrateful, backstabbing little bitch who got very, very lucky last week.”

A cheer goes up. Some start to shout Luke’s name while others chant ‘Live-and-Primed! Live-and-Primed!’ I give it a three-count before continuing.

“Now, this bitch, used to be something special. I thought I saw…” I hold up my thumb and forefinger. “A sliver of talent there. So, I did what any good owner would do. I took it home, I fed it, I trained it. I brought it to the top of the food chain. And what do I get for my trouble?”

People are starting to clap now. Signs with Luke’s picture get held up high. Another two-count and then I scream right in Scottie’s face.

“I get a super kick to the back of the head!”

The crowd goes nuts and now even Scottie and Marlina are smiling.

“I want him. Do you hear me? I want Luke Jackson! Now what is the general manager, gonna do about it?”

Scottie looks me up and down and sniffs, like I don’t have a good six inches on him.

“Listen Breaker, I shouldn’t have to explain this to you, but you’ve always been a little slow, so I’ll make this real easy.”

I snarl at Scottie but he just keeps on rolling.

“I don’t owe you any favors. You don’t have any friends. And you definitely,” he taps me in the chest with his cane. “Don’t get to make demands of me. So why don’t you take all that dead weight and go find somebody who gives a-”

My hips clicks as I kick Scottie in the midsection, but my boy sells it just like we planned. I start hammering on his back with my forearms while Marlina tries to pull me off. Hauling him up onto my shoulders makes my back creak, but I do it anyway because the Death-Valley Driver is what I’m known for.

Quick as a rocket, Marlina hits me with the same padded, sequined fist that brought her five championships and I roll with it, being sure to drop Scottie in a way that doesn’t hurt him.

Marlina makes to run but I’m too big to be done yet. I grab her by the throat and start bellowing in her face. Scottie comes off the mat swinging his cane, but I grab him by the throat too and that’s exactly when Luke’s music hits.

Luke’s music is all frenetic beats, like the musicians were ripped on speed and playing ’til their hearts gave out.

Luke comes charging down the ramp, his manager Mr. Best right on his heels and I only have to look to know Luke’s straight as an arrow which kicks all the worries right out of my head.

I let go of Scottie and Marlina and turn as Luke baseball slides beneath the ropes.

Before he’s even on his feet, I level a haymaker at him, but Luke sidesteps it easily, almost too easily. Bouncing off the ropes, he comes flying back and hits me with a dropkick that I sell even though I have to grit my teeth as I hit the mat. Even rolling to the outside, little sparklers of pain shoot up my spine.

Luke follows me and we begin to brawl right in front of the fans. Clotheslines, chops, a chair-shot for each of us but it’s how fast Luke is moving that almost scares me.

We’ve been brawling for at least a minute and he’s not even slightly out of breath. His abs fucking ripple as he grabs the ring bell and charges me.

I barely have time to duck. The edge scrapes my cheek as it passes. If he’d hit me, my head would be up in the rafters by now.

After that though, there’s not a thing out of place. The refs and security people show up right on time. Luke and I end up on opposite sides of the ring, shouting at each other and the crowd eats it up.

I let security drag me away, but even as I make the ramp, I can’t decide whether I’m happy, surprised, or jealous at how well Luke is moving. The urge to talk to him is strong but by the time I make the curtain, Luke’s long gone and Mr. Best along with him.

Scottie and Marlina wave me over to the locker rooms and I follow, stopping just long enough to wish the tag teams up next luck in officially starting the show.

The night moves on.


TourBanner_The Investment Committee Guide to Prudence

The Investment Committee Guide to Prudence
Increasing the Odds of Success When Fulfilling Your Fiduciary Responsibilities in the Administration of Pension/Investment Assets
by Jonathan J. Woolverton, CFA


GENRE: Non-Fiction


Cover_The Investment Committee Guide to Prudence


JJ’s investment career spans more than five decades. He has been the chief investment strategist for a pension plan sponsor, a managing director and senior consultant within a global investment planning consultant firm, and a managing director and chief operating officer of an investment management organization. Over his career, JJ has attended well over a thousand investment committee meetings as a plan sponsor, a consultant, and a money manager. In the majority of these meetings, he has found that committee members lack three things: in-depth investment expertise to effectively carry out their fiduciary responsibilities, the necessary time allocation to administer and manage the investment program in the best interests of the beneficiaries, and the ability to develop an efficient monitoring system to hold all service providers accountable for the products and services they provide.

This book outlines the steps to be taken in establishing investment policy; formulating asset mix strategy; creating an appropriate investment management structure; undertaking investment manager searches; and highlighting the conflicts of interest, biases, and self-interests of the various service providers.

This book is designed to assist members of investment committees in their role as fiduciaries/trustees/administrators.




The first issue to be addressed is to formulate the overall mission of the fund—which is critical for developing a framework to achieve the desired goals and objectives. There are both fundamental differences across, and lesser nuances within, individual pension plans and investment funds. These differences will likely vary across plans based on their perceived risks, funding sources, and time horizons. The plan sponsor must recognize these key aspects and custom design the mission to meet all obligations. There is no cookie-cutter approach here. The mission outlines the plan sponsor’s envisioned outcome that provides safety, predictability, stability, and comfort to all plan beneficiaries. The mission should result in a clear understanding of the risks that the plan sponsors are willing to accept, as well as the achievable return objectives needed to deliver the promised or targeted benefits at an acceptable level of contributions.

Corporate plan sponsors and government-sponsored plans must determine the plan characteristics that drive the specific objectives for the investment of the fund assets. These characteristics typically include:

• the plan type (e.g., defined benefit, target benefit, defined contribution, or hybrid);

• benefits promised or targeted;

• the plan’s longer-term durability, intimately tied to the plan sponsor;

• demographics of the plan members—notably, the split between active members and retirees;

• events that could cause a significant plan adjustment or even discontinuance;

• the plan’s funding—normal contributions and sources, how adverse experience may affect contribution levels and sources, and the capacity for increased contributions if needed;

• the predictability (usually fairly high) of cash flows moving in and out of the pension or investment fund;

• requirements for liquidity and cash generation to pay benefits;

• status (e.g., non-taxable) of pensions and some investment funds; and,

• the sensitivity of plan finances to inflation through its impact on benefit payments—both those already earned and benefits to be earned in the future.

In setting the goals and objectives, sensitivity to inflation is a particularly important influence to consider. Inflation erodes wealth over time. For plan sustainability, an adjustment for anticipated inflation must be incorporated into the longer-term required rate of return.


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AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Jonathan J. Woolverton, CFA, has spent his whole career in the investment field—over fifty years. After graduating from university in Pennsylvania, he moved to Toronto, Canada, where he began his career in the investment department of an insurance company. In his role as investment officer he was responsible for formulating investment strategy and overseeing all investments within the equity and fixed-income divisions. JJ later joined Ontario Hydro as their chief investment strategist where all pension funds were managed internally.
JJ left the money management business to become an investment planning consultant. He was a founding partner and managing director of Frank Russell Canada. He moved back to the money management side as the managing director and chief operating officer of Guardian Capital Inc. JJ graduated from Westminster College with a BBA and achieved his Chartered Financial Analyst certification. JJ has published numerous articles on the pension and investment industries and has been the keynote speaker at many conferences and seminars.

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