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Bloodline Of Darkness – Chapter Two – Part Two

Chapter Two Continued….

Alex woke with a startle and looked around. He was still sat in the elevator, and still in complete darkness. His face was covered in a cold sweat. He wiped his cold clammy face and slowly stood up.

“What the fuck was that?” He whispered to himself – and secretly hoping that he would not get a response. He stood there and tried to regain his thoughts and figure out if what he had just seen actually happened or if it was a daydream. He had no idea. He certainly didn’t recall dozing off, but he sure as hell was tired. He glanced around slowly and could make out the edges of the elevator car, as well as the elevator door.

He sighed and decided to try and pry open the door. Again, like before – was it a dream? – the door was jammed shut.
“Okay,” He thought to himself, “Get a grip here. Things like this happen all the time.”
“I doubt that.” A voice – that same voice – spoke from the darkness.
“What the –”
“Fuck!” It interupted.
“Not again” He thought as he backed quickly against the wall and began to tremble.

Silence again, but he knew that this voice – or thing – was there.
“Wh-what do you want?” He asked almost cowardly
It’s response came with soft growls or grunts, at first before it began to say, “You are a real hero Alex!”
“What?” Alex whispered.
“A real fucking hero! And like a hero you had to save the day and then leave us all to fucking rot!”
“I don’t know what you’re – ”
“Don’t give me that shit!” It interupted him, “You know exactly what I am talking about!”
It’s voice seemed to be getting lower, or more to the point, he could tell that this thing – whatever it was – was now sitting on the ground…
He started toward where he thought the voice was and tried to understand, but he couldn’t. He had no memory of this things allegations.
“Nothing to say, hero!”
Alex opened his mouth but words failed him. He was too afraid to speak.
“Take a look fucker!” It screamed, as it’s face appeared right infront of him.
Alex shit himself and began to weep.
“I haven’t done anything.” He wept as he turned away and wept in fear and coward on the floor.
“Hope you have a change of underwear. WAKE UP!”

* * * * * * *

Part Three Coming Soon…

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