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Book Signing – Max Davine


Max Davine, author of the new novel, Dino Hunt, will be signing copies of his novel this coming Saturday, October 17th.

Where: OzAuthors Stand at Brimbank Shopping Center, Deer Park (Right near Target)

When: 1PM til 3PM

Book Signing – C.A.Milson – Horror Author


C.A.Milson. Author of the horror series, The Chosen, will be signing copies of his novel, Rise Of The Darkness this coming Saturday, October 17th.

Where: OzAuthors Stand at Brimbank Shopping Center, Deer Park (Right near Target)

When: 11AM til 1PM

Book Tour – Little Boy Gan From Passion-Filled Everland

Little Boy Gan banner

Title: Little Boy Gan From Passion-Filled Everland
Author: Lisa McDonald
Publisher: Lisa McDonald
Pages: 36
Genre: Children’s Picture Book

McDonald’s first book, LITTLE BOY GAN FROM PASSION-FILLED EVERLAND, tells the story of ten-year-old Gan. Gan is humble and wise with a loving spirit that he shares with the animals he meets in the magical forest where the story takes place. The curious animals watch Gan and observe his kindness and humility. Soon they seek the boy out to learn the secret of his happiness. The old soul gives his new friends advice on humility, passion, compassion, and paying it forward. The impact Gan has on the animals is life changing. The lessons they learn lead to expressions of gratitude for their individual gifts and embolden them to share their passions with the world.

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• Little Boy Gan From Passion-Filled Everland is available at Amazon.

Title: Reimburse the Universe
Author: Lisa McDonald
Publisher: Lisa McDonald
Pages: 36
Genre: Children’s Picture Book

In REIMBURSE THE UNIVERSE, a diverse cast of characters continue the theme of people sharing their best selves with the world. The message of this book focuses on giving back to the universe by honoring and respecting ourselves and others and understanding that all human beings are part of a collective whole. Each page in the book offers examples of how individuals can give back to the collective out of appreciation for the many gifts that the universe has provided all of us.

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• Reimburse the Universe is available at Amazon.

About the Author

Lisa McDonald

Lisa McDonald is an author and radio host. Her children’s books, LITTLE BOY GAN FROM PASSION-FILLED EVERLAND and REIMBURSE THE UNIVERSE, take readers, young and old, on journeys with diverse characters that teach lessons of acceptance, understanding, and sharing. Lisa’s radio program, Carpe Diem, promotes personal empowerment and showcases world-renowned authors, speakers, and musicians.

Writing has been a long-time passion for Lisa. “I have been writing since the age of five. I always wrote poetry, short stories, anthologies, essays. My maternal grandmother foresaw me being a writer/author from a very young age and encouraged me to pursue it. As a result of reinventing myself due to a change in personal/familial circumstances, it became clear to me that writing was not meant to be a hobby but rather my vocation.”

Lisa’s third and fourth books, PLANET POME-GRANITE and KISMET TALES FROM HAPPY TRAILS, are forthcoming in late 2015 and early 2016.

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The Inception of my Journey

Having been born into an extremely creative family – my Dad a former professional musician whom was part of the UK British Invasion; having played with the greats before the greats became known as the greats; toping the charts with his own material, as well as my Mum who sang; recording 45 records with my Dad as well as often writing her own poetry, and short stories – some of which were read aloud on local radio and published in local newspapers, in addition to being an ambidextrous painter, I was already, I believe, pre-disposed and wired to follow on a similar path.

Since the age of 5, I was always seen with a book in my lap; a pen in my hand – creating my own short stories, writing my own poems, which only continued to evolve as I matured. However, as many adults do, we shelve our true passions, and replace them with what society deems to be a more practical or viable way in which to garner an income and rise in the ranks of vocational success.

My writing was in fact placed on the backburner for many a year, while I climbed the ranks in senior management within the social services sector – crisis management, specifically. After 25 years in the field, minus a six year hiatus to assume the role and privilege as a full-on single Mum to my two children – separated by eighteen months between them, I found myself in the throes of having to undergo an entire reinvention process, as a result of changes to my marital status.

Prior to my youngest beginning full-time kindergarten, I allowed myself an eleventh month window in which to get myself extremely clear on how to proceed with the rest of my life in going forward, and in a way which would continually allow me to be accessible to them. I decided to become entrepreneurial – the creative energies kicked into high gear, and as a result, I seamlessly and effortlessly, pumped out four children’s books – two currently published; the third almost ready for print, and the fourth soon to undergo the illustrative process.

Within the span of a year, and in addition to writing four children’s books, I secured illustrators, a distribution company for shipping my books, a publishing company, my own weekly radio show, and wonderful training opportunities which have afforded me the gift of NY Times Bestselling Authors, who had asked me co-author a chapter for their upcoming, collaborative, transformational book, scheduled to come out in 2016. Their second transformational book; newly released, has already established bestseller acclaim on Amazon. Most recently, I was asked by one of my former radio guests, a three time Grammy Award Singer/Songwriter, if I would become his marketing manager, to which I eagerly agreed to.

The clearer I have become, the more yummy my journey, and the more aligned I have become with like-minded, synergistic, creative souls, which has led to phenomenal partnerships, and collaborations. Everything I endeavour to do, is truly a labour of love. I am choosing to honour myself, while most importantly, I have secured myself the right contingency plan in order to always remain present, accessible, and available to my two beautiful children – who are ‘my’ everything.

I will remain eternally grateful for every single person who has played a pivotal role in my journey. As fiercely independent and driven as I am, I have come to realize and fully embrace, the old adage which states, “It takes a Village.” I am very proud to be a part of the human connection. Thank you, Universe ~

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